Look over there!

Look over there!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an article I wrote on Meet Content!

I whipped up a little number (who am I kidding? I stressed about this article for weeks on end) about some of the lessons I’ve learned since taking on my latest position as a strategist in higher ed. A taste:

Maybe you’re like me, making the jump from agency life to higher ed, or maybe you’ve just been given responsibility for your department’s web content. What do you do now? What do you look out for? How do you make this transition with all the grace of a leaping, CMS-literate gazelle? You learn from my mistakes, my friend.

I am so, so, so grateful to Rick and Georgy for publishing this piece. I am in AMAZING company over there! Read all their posts, subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Twitter — the works! They are producing excellent work about the industry right now.




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