Big news for the new year.

Oh, January: a month of fresh starts, particularly if you’re me and are recovering from your very own etch-a-sketch end of the world. The changes that I set in motion in November were part of an ongoing process, after all. So 2013 opens on a slew of new beginnings for me – a re-raveling of sorts.

I got here just in time.

Part of why I wanted to move east was to be here when my niece arrived. My brother’s baby girl, Eleanor Judy, was born just a few days shy of the new year, healthy and happy and with a full head of hair (just like her aunt). The entire family is overjoyed. Ellie’s a month old now and looks like this:

My niece Ellie at four weeks.
Sporting my favorite Kate Beaton fat pony onesie.

A room of my own.

This past week, I completed the final stage of my transition from Omaha by moving into a beautiful old neighborhood in Alexandria. I’ve got a small apartment that suits me perfectly: all the charm and character of 1940s architecture with a completely modern, eco-friendly overhaul. I’m easy distance to the Metro and am looking forward to becoming a fancy urban professional with smart shoes.

Strategist ISO more strategists.

Now that I’m here (I’m here!), I want to get involved with the local web professionals community. I started with a meeting of the DC UX Book Club, where we discussed Karen McGrane’s book; she Skyped in for Q&A and I spent my question confessing my love, because I am a starstruck dork. It was good times. I’ve also joined the board for the DC Content Strategy Meetup, where I hope I can draw on my experience with Omaha Content Strategy to make some exciting things happen.

If anyone in DC is reading this, please holla and let me know how I can connect with people; I want to get involved, I want to get out there, I want to meet people! And it can be hard to know where to start.

I’ll also be connecting with the larger community at some conferences this year (I actually get to attend conferences this year!). I’m hoping to be at IA Summit this spring, not to mention Confab in June; plus, I’ll be at AWP (which is not content strategy but is very important to me, because I still spend my free time writing about my feelings).

Guess what guess what?

I am really, really excited to announce the biggest news of all: I’m starting my new job next week. I’ll be joining the Online Strategy & Experience team at George Washington University, heading up efforts in information architecture, user experience, and content strategy. It’s – well, it’s a dream come true, actually. It’s an opportunity to do the work I love with a super-smart team in a thriving environment.

I’m thrilled to be entering #highered again. Though “again” isn’t really the right word, I was a lecturer in my former life; I always knew I’d get back to academia, one way or another. I feel giddy.

Seriously, hugs all around.

It’s strange, actually, to see all of these changes – happening. To see weeks of conscious work actually bearing the hoped-for outcomes. In ten weeks, I completely changed my life. And it’s strange/gorgeous/terrifying. It’s an enormous feat of emotional and logistical acrobatics – one I couldn’t have done without the support of many people in the web professionals community (and beyond).

A number of people lent me their ears and their inboxes, offered their professional feedback, read my resume, sent out intros, gave me directions, and were generally brilliant, selfless individuals to whom I am indebted. I owe all of you hugs/drinks at Confab, and then some.

You guys are everything a community should be – honest, kind, willing, thoughtful. Thank you for helping me.


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  1. I am keeping this post close. I’m in a similar boat, but a little further away (want to move, switch careers, and adopt a rescue dog all at once – with a partner in tow). If you can do it with such wonderful results, maybe I can too 🙂

    You deserve a heck of a party!

    • Aw! Thank you so much! Frankly, I’m a little shocked that all these wild changes worked out for me — but that just goes to show that if you want it, it’ll happen, right??

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