I am currently writing a book (working title: Organizing Information), due out from A Book Apart in April 2019. Aimed at web designers and developers, it makes the principles of information architecture more accessible and practical to teams without working content or IA professionals.

I write a monthly newsletter that features brief observations about my professional (and sometimes personal) life, along with commentary on current articles. You can sign up for it (and read previous issues) at tinyletter.

I write occasional articles about content strategy, IA, and UX in various corners of the web, including this site. Recent articles include:

Additionally, I write and publish poetry. My poems have appeared in Indiana Review, Pleiades, American Journal of Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, Puerto del Sol, and others. You can support my writing via Patreon, where I share a weekly newsletter of poems curated from around the web.

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What We Need Here is a Cookie Strategy

What We Need Here is a Cookie Strategy

I’m in charge of the bulk of holiday preparations for my family this year. This is mainly because I said so because I am bossy, but also because I’m a practical choice for cruise director, as I’m a) working from home, and b) centrally located at my parents’, and c) not in Germany or expecting a baby or having a life, like the rest of my family members.Continue reading

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Why should an established process make room for content strategy? What does a team or project or client gain when somebody is dedicated to content issues? After all, if content is already getting handled, one way or another, without a content strategist – why go to the trouble of optimizing your process for content?Continue reading

Figuring out content modeling.

I’ve spent my day neck-deep in content modeling articles. In all of my reading and research over the past 14 months, I had only occasionally come across the term, and in those instances, no basic explanation was given—and frankly, it just seemed a vague, elusive term, one I filed away as “I’ll look this up when it’s important.” Apparently, today it became important.Continue reading